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You may have some questions about therapy and how I can help you. Below are some common questions that clients ask. If you have any additional questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

  • What is the cost?
    My current rate for therapy services is aligned with the rate recommended by the Psychologist's Association of Alberta (PAA), and is based on a standard 50-minute therapy hour. The fee for a standard 50-minute individual session is $220. The fee for an 80-minute individual session, which may be recommended with trauma therapy, is $350. More information about the fee schedule and cost for other services can be found here:
  • What is a Clinical Psychologist?
    A Clinical Psychologist is a mental health professional who specializes in the assessent, diagnosis, and treatment of psychological disorders. They use evidence-based principles and practices to help idividuals improve their mental health and quality of life. Clinical Psychologists have extensive training and supervised clinical experience. With a PhD in Clinical Psychology, Magdalen also has a strong research background and expertise in intrgating research and clinical practice to enhance her work.
  • What is Evidence-Based Practice?
    Evidence-based practice involves the use of the best available research evidence to inform each stage of clinical decision-making and treatment. This requires that psychologists apply their knowledge of the best available research in the context of specific client characteristics, cultural backgrounds, and treatment preferences (CPA Task Force on Evidence-Based Practice, 2012)
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